• Fireplace and pool, tranquil setting
  • Pool Fireplace and Grill in Apartment common areas
  • Community room with fireplace and seating
  • Outdoor kitchen in apartment common areas
  • Firepit with anirondeck chairs around it
  • Community room with fireplace, couches and television
  • Billiard Table in apartment common area


Let's hope you never need it...

and chances are you won't. But is that really a chance you can afford to take? You probably don't realize how much you have invested in your apartment home...furniture, television, stereo, CD collection, computer, software, cameras, clothes, kitchen equipment. How much would it cost you to replace it all if a natural disaster wiped out everything you own?

We require that all residents obtain a standard type of Tenant's or Renter's insurance policy to cover your personal property and provide other standard liability coverages. We further recommend full replacement-cost renters' insurance. You're covered in the unlikely event of theft, fire and most other unfortunate events. While insurance can't replace the sentimental value of your prized possessions, it will prevent you from having to start all over again.

Renter's insurance policies also provide liability coverage for damage that might occur to the apartment home itself due to unforeseen negligence on your part, or the part of your pet or guests.

Carrying a renters' insurance policy is simply common sense. The premium is a small price to pay for your peace of mind. Remember: the building's insurance policy does NOT protect you against personal injury, loss or damage to your personal property, or cover your liability for injury, loss or damage that you or your guests may cause.

Please contact your insurance agent (licensed to do business in Wisconsin) about renters' insurance coverage today.